Stroll with compass to own strength!
As a result of the measures against the CORONA virus, we now also offer a limited Online offer, click on this link for more information.

A Recovery Academy provides an open course offer on various themes related to psychological recovery.

  • Do you want to take a step further in your recovery process?

  • Do you want to take control of your own life again?

  • Do you want to help someone with their recovery?

Then a Recovery Academy is really for you!
Welcome to the Recovery Academy!
What exactly do we do?
The courses at a Recovery Academy are short-term and focus on becoming more skilled in life with a psychological vulnerability.
They help you to actively take your recovery (process) into your own hands, take conscious steps forward and then take your place (again) in society as a full citizen.

Our training offer is unique!
Namely, two teachers, on the one hand a person with experience knowledge and on the other hand a caregiver, teach a course together.
As a duo, they bring a warm message of hope, understanding, resilience and future prospects.

For who?
We focus primarily on everyone who wants to work on their psychological recovery.
In addition, our offer is open to every interested citizen who wants to contribute to this: loved ones, friends, family members and (future) caregivers.

Of course, we think it is extremely important that every student feels good during (the course of) a course.
That is why we attach great importance to the creation of a safe environment where you can be yourself and we treat each other respectfully.
To emphasize this, we developed the slowly code that is paramount in every lesson.

All courses are given in Dutch. If the language is a problem, you can always come to course with a Study-Buddy. Please contact the region where you want to follow the course in advance.

Sniff the offer of the various regional Recovery Academies.
After all, you are not bound by the offer of the Recovery Academy of your geographical region.
You can cross Flanders and Brussels if you want.

Inform and register!
Hundreds of satisfied students preceded you. Don't missed this opportunity. You are very welcome!

Translation: Pascal Claes

Choose the region where you want to see the courses

  • Online Academie
    On this page you will find an overview of the regions that offer an online offer…. you can participate in the courses, regardless of the region where you live.
  • Noord West-Vlaanderen
    Welcome to the North West-Flanders Recovery Academy. We offer a range of  courses at various locations in Bruges and Beernem.
  • West-Vlaanderen - Midden
    Welkom in de HerstelAcademie van het netwerkwerk Kwadraat.  
    Voor meer informatie rond onze programmatie, surf zeker even naar
  • West-Vlaanderen - Zuid
  • Oost-Vlaanderen - Eeklo
    Welkom bij de HerstelAcademie Oost-Vlaanderen, deelwerking Eeklo. Wij bieden een cursusaanbod op vlot bereikbare locaties in Eeklo.
  • Gent
  • Vlaamse Ardennen
  • Aalst, Dendermonde, St Niklaas
    Welkom bij de HerstelAcademie Oost-Vlaanderen, deelwerking ADS. Wij bieden cursussen aan op locaties in de regio's Aalst, Dendermonde en Sint Niklaas.
  • Antwerpen
    Welkom bij HerstelAcademie SaRA regio Antwerpen, voor- en Noorderkempen. Wij bieden een cursusaanbod op verschillende locaties in Antwerpen en Zoersel…
  • Kempen
    Welkom in de HerstelAcademie Kempen. Wij bieden een cursusaanbod rond psychisch herstel in de regio Geel en Turnhout
  • Mechelen
    Welkom bij HerstelAcademie Emergo. Wij bieden een cursusaanbod op verschillende locaties in Bornem, Mechelen, Lier en Heist-op-den-berg. 
  • Brussel
    Welcome to the Brussels Recovery Academy! We offer courses on various topics related to mental recovery.
  • Halle-Vilvoorde
    Welkom bij HerstelAcademie SaVHA, regio Halle-Vilvoorde . Wij bieden een cursusaanbod op verschillende locaties in de regio Asse, Halle en Vilvoorde.
  • Oost-Brabant
    Welkom bij HerstelAcademie Diletti, regio Oost-Brabant. Wij bieden een cursusaanbod op verschillende locaties in Leuven en Diest.
  • Limburg
    Welkom bij HerstelAcademie Limburg. Wij bieden een cursusaanbod op verschillende locaties in Hasselt, Genk en Sint Truiden.